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3 Competitive Advantages of Xcoder

  1. Xcoder is one of the most experienced software development companies, its strong employer brand helps it attract top-notch programmers.
  2. Xcoder has enough capacity and experience to deliver high-class services and an individual approach to each client.
  3. Xcoder delivers QA, DevOps, HR Business Client services to improve the client experience.
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Why Xcoder Is One of the Top Software Development Companies Across Globe?

  1. 58% of Xcoder’s technical staff are senior-level programmers, 37% are middle, and only 6% are junior developers.
  2. Voluntary attrition at Xcoder is 10 times lower than the market average.
  3. Our average time-to-hire is 1–2 weeks depending on the technological requirements of our clients.

Xcoder vs Large Tech Vendors Across Globe

Xcoder has an optimal number of administrative resources to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes. We deliver high-class services by dedicating time and special attention to the requirements of each individual client. Large tech vendors are usually interested in building big teams. Xcoder helps companies get going by hiring only a couple of developers and scaling up to a larger remote cross-functional development team when and if necessary.

Xcoder vs Small Software Development Companies in Country

Xcoder is one of the fastest growing software development companies. With 10+ years of experience and 300+ happy clients, our specialists have access to a talent pool of 650K tech professionals and extensive market knowledge to cater to the needs of tech businesses. We offer more flexibility than companies of 50–100 people because we can build both small and large teams and quickly scale team size on short notice.

We also offer value-added services such as consulting, quality assurance, and DevOps, that augment our software development services and address the most common needs of our clients. 

Xcoder has a strong employer brand and is listed among the top 10 best employers. Our positive image and high employer rankings ensure quick offer acceptance from candidates. During the 2020 lockdown, Xcoder had one of the highest hiring volumes among other tech companies, which gives extra credit to the professionalism of our administrative resources.

Xcoder vs Project Outsourcing Companies

Xcoder uses the model which guarantees the ultimate engagement of each programmer. Dedicated team members view the client as their employer. At Xcoder, we have no bench, which means that we hire exclusively for each client, closely adhering to their requirements.

The model’s transparent cost structure allows our clients to manage developers directly and save on the total development cost by covering only developers’ salaries and vendor fees without any hidden or unnecessary overheads.

Xcoder vs Software Development Companies in Eastern Europe (Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Romania)

Hiring programmers of the same seniority level and skillsets in IT would save you around 20–25% of the total development cost compared to hiring in Eastern Europian Countries. Plus, it’s easy to hire a high-class specialist in a software development company. Unlike Eastern Europe, India has a larger number of software development companies rather than those developing their own products.

After Eastern Europe had joined the EU and the global economy, it welcomed international tech giants. However, in India, employer competition still isn’t spoiled by the presence of large tech companies. Consequently, the brightest minds of the tech industry are employed in outsourcing software development companies.

India is well known to USA's & Western Europe's culture. India’s 6,500,000 strong tech talent pool is capable to satisfy need of USA & Western Europe. Xcoder can easily find developers specializing in both popular programming languages, such as JavaScript and Python, as well as rare ones, like C++ and Scala.