How to Hire
Remote Developers

hire remote developers Xcoder process

Describe Your Needs  

We start by discussing general terms and conditions, your business needs, team structure, and job descriptions. We have two services that help us set up the process:

  • Intake call & Recruitment. We identify your needs and expectations to set up a list of relevant requirements for the candidates—you can either start by hiring one remote developer or build an entire cross-functional team, it's up to you.
  • Workshop. If it's risky to start remote cooperation straight away due to the complexity of your business structure, we organize a meeting with company executives to find the most efficient way to manage the shift. 

Interview and Hire Remote Developers

  • Our recruiters create a job profile according to the agreed upon requirements. Then, they use specialized tools and techniques, and utilize the Xcoder IT specialists database to find relevant candidates. Selected candidates are then interviewed and filtered by our recruiters. Consequently, you receive a list of hand-picked candidates and arrange as many interview rounds as necessary to make sure that you hire remote developers that perfectly fit you—be it two, three, or twenty.

  • You can use the tools and methods you know and love to interview the best-fit candidates—choose your own test tasks for candidates, request code samples, or organize live coding sessions. We will even perform reference or other checks on the selected developers if needed. To hire your perfect team of developers, you are also welcome to come to our offices to interview the final candidates in person, or bring them over to your headquarters with our travel assistance. If you aren't sure what are the most efficient interview methods and tactics in your particular case, our experts are always there to consult you.

Start Working

  • We supply your remote developers with fully-equipped work stations and all of the necessary infrastructure in one of Xcoder offices located in India’s major tech hubs: Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Mumbai. The country boasts a vivid IT community, which ensures your remote development team works in an environment where innovations thrive.
  • Xcoder Recruitment, HR, Retention, and Administration experts take care of the onboarding process to make the team extension comfortable for both your local and remote teams. Our branch managers establish a retention program that minimizes turnover and keeps your team happy from day one.
  • We will handle payroll, taxes, employee records, vacations, sick days, and other administrative hassles to ensure you can focus on your core competencies and run your remote team without distractions. 
  • You can choose the methodology you prefer to manage your remote development team. 70% of our customers follow Agile methodologies and if you opt for one of these, we will help you set up the process with Xcoder Agile Consulting service.

Ongoing support

  • To help you hire a team of developers and build an open and productive relationship with your remote developers, we assign a dedicated HR/Client Manager who is always in contact with both sides and ready to proactively solve any communication issues.
  • Your HR/Client Manager’s responsibilities include: facilitating performance reviews of your engineers; evaluating their job satisfaction after one, two, six months, a year after the start of employment, and biannually if your cooperation extends 12 months; analyzing your feedback regarding their work quality and professional growth; discussing things you are happy with and identifying areas for improvement.
  • We take all necessary measures to keep your data, network, and employees secure. All of our offices are equipped with control access systems, and your team is supported by our system administrators and information security officer.  Additional security measures can be taken depending on your needs. 
  • To create a comfortable, friendly work environment and give your remote developers the opportunity to bond, we organize regular team building activities and throw two large corporate parties each year.