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Looking to hire C developers? Xcoder can match you with some of the most talented C programmers in India, which means you will get a high-quality code and motivated development team.

Finding highly skilled C developers in an enormous talent pool can be pretty hard, and if you are also looking for ways to reduce your expenses - even more so. You might have already considered C outsourcing, but the solution we are about to offer is much better.


Hire Full-Stack Developers in India: Process

Xcoder С/C++ Development Services

Embedded C/C++ Development

Xcoder C/C++ developers will help you develop your mobile/desktop application or software that integrates with hardware and low-level systems. Xcoder C/C++ developers are dedicated to your product development and will implement all necessary changes in the development process.

Scaling of Your Existing Platform

Xcoder C/C++ developers will channel their efforts to build up your product/service. They will ensure your app has a high processing speed and will extend manual tuning settings to make sure your product stays competitive.   

Data Integration and Migration

Xcoder developers will integrate your C/C++ software with internal and third-party platforms. They will ensure your website is responsive and can effectively interact with external service providers.    

Continuous Support of Your Product

Xcoder C/C++ developers will support your product on each stage of the development process. They'll provide timely updates and qualified debugging using Address/Memory/UndefinedBehavior Sanitizer, Valgrind, debuggers (e.g. GDB), and others.

Why Hire C Developers in India with Xcoder?

Your remote C developers will work for you full time

The offshore C developers you hire through Xcoder will dedicate all their time to your project and so become a natural extension of your in-house IT team.

Full control over C programming

You will be the only one in charge of your offshore C team, we’ll step in only if you need our help.

Quick launch

Hiring with Xcoder takes 1-2 weeks.

Free recruitment

You won’t pay for the recruitment process, we’ll only charge you for the C developers you hire.

No back-office hassle

We’ll take care of support staff, office facilities, equipment, sick leaves, local taxes, payroll, etc. so that you can give your fullest attention to your dedicated C developers.

Flexible team size

With Xcoder, you can hire a C programmer or a whole team. Adding and removing developers is very easy - just warn us 1 month in advance.

Reliable partnership 

Xcoder has 10+ years of commercial experience and has so far received multiple certifications, including ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, Microsoft Gold Partnership. 


Want to learn more about setting up an extended development team with us? Want to set up an extended development team?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?

  • Yes!

What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

  • We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.

Xcoder Model VS Developer Hiring Platforms

Xcoder vs other models for hiring remote developers

Comparison of Xcoder with other developer hiring platforms 

Pricing (Upfront Fees, Pricing Options)

The majority of outstaffing companies such as Xcoder don't charge upfront fees, while developer hiring platforms as freelance services (Upwork, Freelancer), job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), and matching platforms (Gun.io, TopTal) often require an initial deposit. 

Pricing options also differ — with an outstaffing vendor, you'll have to pay developers' salary plus the vendor's fee. With freelance services, job boards, and matching services you'll either pay a fixed price or agree on an hourly rate. Project outsourcing (IBM, Accenture) pricing model is either a fixed price or hourly rate.   

Opportunity to Build a Team

You can build a fully-fledged remote development team with the help of an outstaffing vendor, at the same time it's impossible to build a dedicated team with freelancers or developers you hire via job boards and matching services. 

The same goes for project outsourcing — the vendor takes full responsibility for your project, so you don't know the developers working on your project personally. 

Cooperation Reliability and Security

It's safer to opt for collaboration either with an outstaffing or project outsourcing vendor. Vendors like Xcoder support a high security level, keep up with the latest safety requirements, and have multiple international certifications that attest top expertise. 

However, if you decide to manage the process yourself and hire developers with the help of developer hiring platforms — job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), freelance (Upwork, Freelancer) and matching services (Gun.io, TopTal) you will always be under a threat of data breaches, missed deadlines, etc.  

Level of Client Engagement

Cooperation with a remote dedicated development team is similar to having an on-site team, meaning collaboration with an outstaffing vendor requires a high level of the client's involvement. Concerning collaboration with project outsourcing companies like IBM and Accenture, you won't have the opportunity to manage developers working on your product, yet, you'll have to approve some mid-project accomplishments, so the level of involvement is either medium or low. 

If you collaborate with freelancers or developers hired via developer hiring platforms, the level of engagement depends on your needs. You can either keep developers under strict control or fully rely on their expertise and work ethics. 

Final Decision in Hiring

If you hire developers with an outstaffing vendor, you're the one to make the final hiring decision. The vendor will pre-select the candidates and manage the initial screening to save your time, while you'll be the one to interview and choose the best-fitting candidates. 

Concerning freelancers and developers hired via job boards or matching services, you're also the one to make hiring decisions. However, if you're non-technical, better consult with a professional in the field before making a decision. And finally, if you opt for collaboration with a project outsourcing company, you don't take part in the hiring process and don't get to know the developers working on your product development. 

Widespread Use Cases

Outstaffing model is commonly used by small and medium companies that are looking to hire developers, however, can't do it locally because of local tech talent shortage. Such developer hiring platforms as freelance websites, job boards, and matching services best fit companies that have minor or short term software development needs and don't have IT at the core of their businesses.

Project outsourcing works best for large companies that have predictable requirements, as far as making changes in the development process will drag down additional expenditures.   

Team Setup

If you cooperate with an outstaffing or project outsourcing vendor, your remote dedicated team will either be collocated or distributed depending on your local team structure (e.g. if you have few developers working in your in-house team and the rest of the development team on the vendor's side — the team is distributed; in case the whole development team works remotely in the vendor's office — the remote team is collocated). 

Freelancers and developers you hire via job boards or matching services make up a dispersed team, as you may have freelance employees working from all around the world. 

Level of Developer's Integration

A high degree of remote developer integration is only possible if you opt for collaboration with an outstaffing vendor. You'll be the one to manage your remote developers with the tools and methods you love. At the same time, dedicated developers will only work on your product development full-time and feel like an integral part of your local team.

Hiring freelancers on such developer hiring platforms as Upwork and Freelancer, using job boards and matching services like Github and TopTal, or outsourcing a project to vendors as IBM and Accenture won't provide you with a dedicated team that can be easily integrated into your company. Freelancers usually juggle several other projects, while developers working on your outsourced project don't think of the big vision standing behind your product.