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Are you looking to hire front-end developers? We connect tech businesses with top front-end developers in India. We can help you hire JavaScript, React, Angular, or Node developers and set up reliable web development teams in our offices located in India’s largest tech hubs — Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Rajkot and Mumbai.

You manage your front-end web developers directly using your preferred tools and methodologies, while we take care of infrastructure, work stations, and support staff, as well as all the administrative and legal aspects related to starting a development team abroad.

Hire Full-Stack Developers in India: Process

Xcoder Front-End Development Services


Custom Front-End Development from Scratch

Xcoder Front-end developers will transform your UI/UX design into a well-balanced, user-friendly, and fully-functional web page. Xcoder front-end developers work on your product development full-time and are a smooth extension of your local team.

Scaling of Your Existing Product

Depending on your business needs, Xcoder will rebuild some of the features, develop new functionality, and optimize your existing application/website. Xcoder developers have all necessary expertise and experience to provide you with up-to-date market-based solutions.

Continuous Support of Your Product

Xcoder Front-end developers will provide all-round support to your code and ensure positive end user experience. Even if your product is working well, you need to make sure it is up and running and update it when needed.


Why Hire Front-End Developers with Xcoder?


Top tech talent

We have access to over 6,500,000 Indian programmers skilled in wide range technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, and AngularJS. We select Front-end web developers that fit your requirements best, and then you personally interview and approve each member of your remote web development team.

No set-up and back-office hassle

We provide your Front-end developers with a comfortable, fully-equipped workspace. We also deal with payroll, taxes, vacations and sick days so that nothing distracts you from running your team.

Support at every step

We don’t leave you when your team is all set. We help you establish effective cooperation with your team and use various employee retention techniques to ensure team loyalty.

Direct communication with your team

You’re the only one in charge of your Front-end developers. We don’t get involved unless you ask us to.

Budget optimization

When you work with Xcoder, you don’t need to rent more office space and hire additional staff as your business grows, which gives you more financial flexibility and allows you to increase your profit margins.


Xcoder is a tech partner with 10+ years of experience in helping businesses build their software development teams in India. Xcoder has several certifications that prove the company's high quality services including ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2015, Microsoft Gold Certification. Besides, Xcoder is among the top software development companies according to Clutch and Goodfirms.


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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?

  • Yes!

What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

  • We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.

Xcoder Model VS Developer Hiring Platforms

Xcoder vs other models for hiring remote developers

Xcoder Model in Comparison to Developer Hiring Platforms

Pricing: Upfront Fees and Pricing Options

The majority of developer hiring platforms charge upfront fees — among these are job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), freelance websites (Upwork, Freelancer), and matching services (Gun.io, TopTal).

You'll either pay a fixed price or an hourly rate if you decide to collaborate with project outsourcing partners (IBM, Accenture), job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), matching services (Gun.io, TopTal), freelance providers (Upwork, Freelancer). 

Outstaffing partners like Xcoder structure their prices a bit different — your expenses will be composed of developers' salary + vendor's fee.      

Opportunity to Build a Team

Outstaffing vendors like Xcoder provide the opportunity to build a cohesive team that is dedicated to the development of your product. Some project outsourcing partners like IBM and Accenture offer a dedicated development team model. Yet, the majority of project outsourcing vendors don't provide such an opportunity. 

Concerning such developer hiring platforms as matching providers (Gun.io, TopTal), job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), and freelance services (Upwork, Freelancer) — they don't offer the  opportunity to build a cohesive team. 

Collaboration Security and Reliability

High security and reliability levels are inherent with outsourcing (Accenture, IBM) and outstaffing (Xcoder) partners. Tech partners support high international security standards and take responsibility for the expertise of the developers working on your project. 

However, hiring remote developers using job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), freelance platforms (Upwork, Freelancer), and matching services (Gun.io, TopTal) won't provide you with the required security and reliability levels, as these developer hiring platforms don't take the responsibility for developers working on your product. 

Level of Client Engagement

The level of client engagement is high if you decide to collaborate with an outstaffing vendor like Xcoder. You'll be the one to choose, hire, and manage your remote dedicated developers. 

You'll experience a low or medium level of client engagement if you opt for collaboration with a project outsourcing vendor like IBM. You won't have the opportunity to directly communicate with the developers working on your project. 

You can stay flexible and choose whether to be highly engaged in the development process or let developers work on their own if you hire programmers via job boards (Github, Stackoverflow), freelance websites (Upwork, Freelancer), and matching services (Gun.io, TopTal).       

Final Decision in Hiring

You'll make the final hiring decisions if you collaborate with remote developers via freelance platforms (Upwork, Freelancer), matching services (Gun.io, TopTal), and job boards (Github, Stackoverflow).

You'll also be the one to make hiring decisions if you collaborate with an outstaffing vendor like Xcoder. You'll choose from previously handpicked experts who possess all required skills. This way you'll save time on screening dozens of unsuitable candidates.   

You won't have the opportunity to make hiring decisions while collaborating with project outsourcing vendors like IBM and Accenture, as in the majority of cases, project outsourcing partners engage developers who already work in their company. 

Widespread Use Cases 

Hiring developers with an outstaffing partner like Xcoder fits small, medium, and large companies that are looking to build a long-term dedicated team. Your remote developers will be a smooth extension of your local team.

Large and medium businesses with highly predictable requirements can benefit from using services of project outsourcing partners like IBM and Accenture.

Collaboration with developer hiring platforms like freelance platforms (Freelancer, Upwork), job boards (Stackoverflow, Github), and matching services (TopTal, Gun.io) will fit businesses that don't have software development at the core of their activities and operate a limited budget.        

Team Setup

With an outstaffing partner like Xcoder or project outsourcing vendor like IBM, you'll either have a collocated or distributed team. It will depend on the distribution of the rest of your team. 

If you opt for collaboration with such developer hiring platforms as freelance platforms (Freelancer, Upwork), matching services (TopTal, Gun.io), and job boards (Stackoverflow, Github) your team will be dispersed.      

Level of Developer's Integration

To reach the highest level of remote developer's integration into your existing team, opt for collaboration with an outstaffing vendor like Xcoder. 

If you decide to collaborate with developer hiring platforms such as job boards (Stackoverflow, Github), matching services (TopTal, Gun.io), freelance platforms (Freelancer, Upwork) or start cooperation with a project outsourcing partner like Accenture, high level of developer's integration is impossible, as the developers working on your project won't be dedicated to your product development.

Learn How to Hire Front-End Developers in a Few Steps.

Step 1: Find the Best Front-End Developers in the World

The tech talent market continues to face hiring challenges: the number of software developers in the world is growing, but the demand for high quality talent is growing even faster. For instance, in 2022 the number of software developers in the world reached the mark of 25.3 million, which is 3.8 million programmers more than in 2018, but developed tech countries are still experiencing a severe tech talent gap.

With more businesses going online and creating an even greater demand for software engineers, the number of developers is predicted to reach 45 million by 2030, according to SlashData.

Worldwide Programming Language Statistics

Programming Language Statistics in the World by SlashData

How Many Front-End Developers Are There in the World?

JavaScript and front-end have become synonymous ever since company owners worldwide started digitizing their businesses. The most recent research by SlashData showed that in 2022, the JavaScript community counted 12.7 million developers and showed promise of an even greater growth in the nearest future.

What Is the Number of Front-End Developers in India?

First in the World, India has nearly 27 000 JavaScript developers. According to LinkedIn-based research, the JavaScript talent pool is distributed evenly and includes more than 5 000 junior JavaScript engineers, almost 10 000 middle JavaScript software developers, and over 12 000 senior JavaScript programmers.

Number of Front-End Developers in India

Number of Front-End Developers in India

Number of Front-End Developers in India

Number of Software Developers in India

The general tech talent pool in India has about 6 200 000 specialists and is predicted to reach 7 800 000 by the end of 2025.

How Many Front-End Developers Are There in the United States?

Our LinkedIn-based research showed that the US has the second biggest number of front-end developers — about 14 000 LinkedIn users indicated JavaScript as their primary technology.

About 9 000 programmers in the US have more than 4 years of experience and make up the second largest senior front-end developer group in the world. 

There are almost 4 000 middle JavaScript programmers and 2 000 junior JavaScript developers in the United States.

In 2022, the US became the most powerful tech nation in the world. With an estimated 5.2 million people working in the tech industry and 4.4 million of them writing code, the country is also one of the world’s biggest outsourcers.

Number of Software Engineers in the US

Number of Software Engineers in the US

Top 10 US States With the Largest Number of Software Engineers

Top 10 US States with the Largest Number of Software Engineers

What Is the Number of Front-End Developers in European Countries?

A StackOverflow review indicates that in 2022, European countries had about 6.5 million software developers. Germany, according to the research, takes the first place among EU countries with a staggering 937 000 software developers. The second and third largest tech countries are the UK and France with 863 500 and 597 500 software engineers respectively.

Number of Software Developers in European Countries


Number of Software Developers

Germany 937K
The UK 863K
France 597K
Russia 412K
The Netherlands 320K
Italy 314K
Spain 323K
Poland 295K
Ukraine 200K
Sweden 179K

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Front-End Developers in India, the US, and Europe?

Research by Accelerance and PayScale informs that the average front-end developer salary in the world ranges from $31 000 to $100 000 and above depending on the country and level of expertise.

Average Salary for Front-End Developer in the World
Country/City Average Junior Developer Salary Average Middle Developer Salary Average Senior Developer Salary
 US $72K $100K $145K
 San Francisco $87K $122K $174K
 New York $68K $93K $149K
 Los Angeles $68K $96K $142K
 San Jose $75K $98K $133K
 Chicago $62K $89K $130K
 India $24K $36K $48K
 Netherlands $48K $63K $87K
 UK $42K $54K $75K
 Switzerland $47K $98K $145K
 Germany $53K $65K $80K
 Austria $39K $54K $70K
 Denmark $53K $72K $106K
 Sweden $41K $56K $68K
 Finland $43K $51K $68K

Average Front-End Developer Salary in India

The average salary of a front-end developer in India is around $35 000 a year. A senior front-end developer in India earns around $48 000 a year. Companies offer middle front-end developers around $36 000 a year, and a junior front-end developer makes about $24 000.

Average Front-End Developer Salary in the US

Average Salary of a Front-End Developer in the World

Average Salary of a Front-End Developer in the World

Depending on the city, a front-end developer in the US can earn from $75 000 to $174 000 a year. The lowest salaries for junior as well as for middle and senior front-end developers are seen in San Jose. The rest of the cities — San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York — offer similar salaries. 

On average, a senior front-end developer in the US earns around $174 000 a year. A middle front-end developer can expect a $122 000 annual salary. And the average salary for a junior front-end developer usually starts at $87 000 a year.

What Front-End Technologies Are Popular in India?

Like in the world’s biggest tech hubs, Indian front-end developers prefer to use JavaScript and are fluent in the Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js frameworks.

Indian tech companies have the perfect value-for-money ratio offering companies worldwide to hire vetted front-end engineers with moderate rates. About 27.9% of Indian front-end developers have more than 7 years of experience in the tech industry. More than 35 000 entry-level tech specialists graduate from tech universities and join the tech industry in India every year.

Maturity Level Of Indian Developers
2019 2020 2021 2022
17.80% 24% 29.3% 31.4%

Step 2: Hire Front-End Developers With Xcoder

Xcoder in Numbers

Xcoder in Numbers

Xcoder is an outstaffing company based in India. With 10 years of experience on the outsourcing market, we have already helped more than 300 clients from the Netherlands, the UK, the US, Belgium, Norway, Germany, Australia, and Israel find and hire front-end developers in India. 

We search for and hire developers according to the unique requirements of our clients. With us, you can build an entire development department or just add one engineer to your existing tech team. We use the outstaffing model that allows our clients to scale the number of team members up and down on short notice.

Enjoy High-Quality Talent Retention Services

Within the IT outstaffing model, we hire developers our clients can manage directly. We provide an effective onboarding process, initiate regular performance reviews, and create a productive working environment where everyone feels included. From day one, the engineers you hire with us become part of our retention process, so you can rest assured that your specialists are taken care of and satisfied with their work life. 

Benefit From International Quality and Security Certifications

Xcoder qualified for the Microsoft Gold Certification in 2019 and has retained this high standard of software development services ever since.  

  • Xcoder gained security expertise certificates ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 in 2019

  • In 2020, Xcoder was one of the fastest growing tech companies in India and was nominated as the best IT employer in the country.