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Staff augmentation is a remote cooperation model that allows you to extend your local team with professionals that will work on your product full-time at the vendor's office. Since 2009, Daxx has been helping businesses augment their development teams with software engineers in Ukraine. Staff augmentation will help you out if you are looking to add new employees to your team, but:

  • Struggle to hire tech professionals locally because of talent shortage

  • Suffer from high staff turnover, which prevents sustainable growth

  • Something went wrong with your previous outsourcing experience or working with freelancers doesn't provide you with enough control

Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services by Daxx 

  • You Can Choose, Hire, and Manage Your Remote Developers Directly

At Daxx, we don't have employees on our side that will handle the technical part of the recruitment process or manage your team. With our staff augmentation services, you get the opportunity to take an active part in all of the processes: from interviewing the candidates pre-selected by Daxx recruitment experts to managing your software development team with the tools and methods that you love. While with project outsourcing your management capabilities are limited, cooperating with a staff augmentation company, you receive all of the necessary support to integrate your remote employees with your local team.

  • You Add New Employees to Your Local Team

Augmenting your team is similar to hiring new employees – your remote developers will work full time on your product and you'll have the opportunity to structure your collaboration in a way that is comfortable for you. At the same time, a staff augmentation company will take care of all administrative hassles. Daxx provides your augmented development team in Ukraine with all corporate perks and benefits – from a comfortable office with all of the necessary equipment  and competitive salary to all-round support and efficient system administration. 

  • Comprehensive Integration of Your Augmented Team 

If you hire 1 engineer, they will share a work space with other Daxx software developers. However, if you build a team, we'll provide them with a separate room, decorated according to your preferences. Many of Daxx augmented teams work in rooms with client's branding and wear corporate T-shirts and hoodies. We also install "windows to the client" at the request of some customers. This is a system of cameras and screens in the client's local office as well as in their augmented team's room, which allows both parties to feel more connected.

  • Visit Your Augmented Team and Invite Them to Your Local Office 

You can visit our Daxx offices and work alongside your augmented team whenever you like. We'll help you organize your business trip and make sure you and your team have all of the necessary facilities for efficient in-house collaboration. You can also invite your remote team to your local office and we'll help you arrange the journey. Ukrainians have visa-free access to EU countries, while a trip to the U.S. or U.K. will require obtaining visas. Our experts are up to speed on the process of obtaining a visa and will help you organize it effectively.

Daxx Staff Augmentation Process 

Set Your Needs

You provide us with your requirements for the team composition, tech stack of the professionals, levels of seniority, etc. However, if you aren't sure what is the most viable team composition in your particular case, our experts will gladly help you structure the relevant requirements. 

Search for Best-Fit Candidates

Daxx hiring experts utilize our tech talent database and recruitment software to find the optimal candidate for your vacancy. When we find a match, we check their technical background, salary expectations, and their level of English to make sure it's suitable for a smooth cooperation. Only after we've approved the candidate according to the above criteria, we introduce them to you.

Recruitment Process

You conduct as many interview rounds as you like to find out whether the candidate is the right choice for your team. You are free to choose the methods and tools you like and receive all necessary support in the interviewing process. If you hesitate among several candidates, you can conduct an additional interview with all of the candidates simultaneously to detect the one that best fits your needs. 

Constant Support

We manage a well-rounded onboarding process – from providing your augmented team with all of the necessary facilities in one of our offices in 4 major Ukrainian IT hubs to assigning an HR/Client manager that will help you collaborate with your developers efficiently throughout your entire cooperation. With Daxx control access systems, we ensure the security of your data and employees. We also organize regular team building activities to ensure your developers work in a friendly team environment.

Why Choose Daxx? 

You Invest in Value

We take a serious approach to the recruitment process – we have several stages to find top professionals for your consideration. As the market is dynamic and tech professionals receive up to 10 offers weekly, it may take 4-6 weeks to augment your team. We can find tech professionals with the tech stack, experience, and skills you need, yet, searching for talent with rare stacks may take longer due to the high competition. However, it is well worth the effort – eventually, you hire a skilful employee that will work on your product full-time.

Professional Growth for Your Remote Developers

Daxx sponsors several events both in Ukraine and Europe and hosts tech meetings at our offices located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro. We can provide your developers with discounts and giveaways of tickets to different IT conferences. We motivate Daxx software development teams to share their knowledge both within our company and also go further and speak at versatile tech meetups. Also if you want your developers to acquire certain certifications, Daxx will help you organize this.

We Take Care of Retention 

From the first day of cooperation with your augmented team, we assign an HR/Client manager who is collocated with your team and will help you and your team collaborate efficiently. Situations when a client is not satisfied with their new employee are extremely rare. However, if this happens, we do everything possible to resolve the issue. If you don't want to continue cooperation with a developer, we find an interchange free of charge. Software developers in Ukraine enjoy stability and value the opportunity to make their contribution to the development of the product. Successful retention is a two-way process that depends on both the vendor and the client.

Daxx Is Your Staff Augmentation Company

Daxx staff augmentation services provide you with the opportunity to hire software developers in Ukraine in a predictable and flexible way. You can start small by hiring 1-3 developers and then grow gradually into a larger team of 50+ employees or hire an average sized team of 5-7 developers from the outset. We don't pay hourly rates – our experts monitor the market to ensure your tech professionals earn competitive salaries. There are no upfront fees, you only pay a predefined Daxx fee for administrative management, so you can efficiently build long term plans for the development of your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm only looking for 1 developer. Can you help?

  • Yes!

What if I want to expand my team to 20 people?

  • We have lots of big teams, so it's not a problem

We want developers with Agile experience. Do you do that?

  • We sure do. We even have an Agile consultant on staff.